Remember when “e” was just a letter?

Now “e” is the symbol of a whole new way of communicating, it’s not just a letter anymore it is a way of life! Just for starters we have: e-mail, e-books, e-commerce, e-trades, e-tickets, e-claims, e-bills, e-cards, e-loans, e-communications, e-learning, e-payments, e-business and of course e-bay.

The basic meaning of the “e” is electronic, however the actual impact it has on a business process is e-normous.

Today most people are familiar with e-mail. It is very easy to see how e-mail is superior to paper mail, which computer snobs now routinely call snail mail (s-mail). E-mail is fast, cheap and convenient. E-mail travels from the sender to the recipient instantaneously.

Once the technology and Internet connection is in place the cost of sending an e-mail posting is nothing, no hard copies are needed, no envelopes, no stamps, and a reply can be sent quickly with the click of a mouse.

All of the obvious advantages of e-mail are equally applicable to all the other e-applications. Another advantage of e-applications is that they can be set up once and then they will automatically continue to operate with no additional human effort. On great example of this is Smile Reminder at Another e-service company I think has some good features is Dental Sesame at

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