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Research Briefs: What Works Online?

sesameOne of the big reasons I like working with Sesame Communications is that they do actual research on how people use the Internet and interact with dental websites. Follow the link below to get a summary of the results.

Sesame proactively gathers statistics, analytics, and surveys from clinicians, dental professionals, and patients on a daily basis. We analyze the raw data to expand our understanding on the digital age of dentistry, leveraging this knowledge in educational materials on the what, where, why, and how of patient behavior and preferences online

via Research Briefs | Education & Research | Sesame Communications.

Here are some quick examples of things Sesame has discovered. People do not like dental websites that are dark colored, red or “too corporate”. They do like to read about the dentist and staff members. They are looking for the phone number. They do not like clinical photos of the dentist working with mask gloves and all the rest.

If a potential new patient web surfer lands on your web page they will decide whether or not to call the office in 90 seconds.

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