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A simple app to ask for online reviews:

Why just sending review requests is not good enough? Completely automated systems that send reviews to every single customer are impersonal. How do you feel when you get the same request over and over again or even the same message from different business using the same system? Most will feel any guilt with just hitting the delete button as fast as possible. The best reviews are given by people that have a special connection to your business. You and your team know your business better than anyone so start asking your best customers and get them to commit to writing a review. Then, the customer will take ownership and feel obligated to complete the request sent with the help of our system. Once you receive the feedback, you should always acknowledge it in some way to show your appreciation.

Source: Reviews and Testimonials Made Easy –

There are a lot of things I like about this service starting with the price…free. I have seen way to many review generation services that charge dentists a lot of money and deliver very little in return.

The Ask4Review process is personalized it does not send a review request to every patient. Team members need to ask the patient, it is permission based. That is always better end gets better response than interruption based. The personalized permission based aspect of the system means it is less automated and requires action from team members on a regular (daily) basis.

However in my opinion a dental office does not need hundreds of reviews. If you have 8 to 10 reviews with an average of 4.8 or so you are golden. If you can add a fresh review every month or so you are double golden.

Reviews matter. In fact they matter a great deal. However it is very hard to measure the impact of reviews financially. The reason for this is that the result of bad reviews is that a patient never calls. How do you measure a negative you never receive? On the other hand good reviews simply validate a choice a potential new patient has already made.

There are many review sites but the one that matters the most  -by far – is Google. The reason is that people search for a dentist using Google far far more than any other site. That means the Google reviews that pop up when someone searches you by name are what they will see immediately. If they wish to look further and check out Yelp or Healthgrades they can do that but they have to actively do it on purpose. Few bother, most people just content themselves with Google.

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