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Richmond Dentist Dumb***, a tale of Blog spamming

From Jason Lipscombe. Now Jason is a nice easy going generous guy. If you follow this link you will see this dentist really ticked him off and with good reason.

Every once and and while something or someone comes along that tests my feelings of benevolence. Someone who tries to cheat the system and take advantage of someone’s hard work. Someone who takes the easy way out on the backs of others. That is when I take crumpled dentist fingers to the keyboard and tell you about it.

via Richmond Dentist Dumbass, a tale of Blog spamming.

Jason discusses the use of automated systems to spam blog coments in order to generate links and Google Juice. I can relate; this blog is spammed every day with bogus comments. They are usualy promoting a highly dubious enterprise like off shore ED drugs and most recently online term papers of all things. Jason slams a dentist who is using this method and rightly so.

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The ironic thing about blog spamming is those who practice that black hat link building technique fail to realize how effective blog commenting can really be IF one thoughtfully seeks to make comments which really contribute to the ideas of the post. One can gain a lot of traffic and the links too when they take the time to really write a genuine comment.

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