SEO and Small Business: What’s really needed?

by Larry Emmott on August 16, 2011

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is designed to improve your position and Google. There are all kinds of techniques including keywords. meta tags, and various “secret” formulas SEO firms use to improve a web sites search engine ranking.

On the other hand Google is always refining their search algorithms and take great pains not to be manipulated by SEO techniques.

That means that SEO is not a one time built in design but must be constantly tweeked. As a result some SEO companies charge a monthly fee, sometimes thousands of dollars to keep you high on the search rankings.

Is it worth it?

According to the attached article for many small businesses (like a dental practice) the answer is no.

I see many small businesses get ‘taken for a ride’ by many “SEO companies”. The fact is, if you’re a small business and you’re looking to find more exposure and customers online, than you do not need to pay thousands of dollars a month.

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