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SEO is the newest high tech buzz. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. As more and more people let their fingers do the walking online not in the yellow pages- where your dental office pops up on an Internet search will make a big difference in how easy it is for new patients to find you.

A Google search for “dentist Los Angeles” returns 1,870,000 results. But only 8 actual dentists appear on the opening page and 9 on page two. Face it if you aren’t one of those 17 dentists the chances of a random searcher finding your web page are pretty slim. So of more than 5000 dentists in Los Angeles at any one time only 17 can expect patients to find them with Google.

Not everyone will be using SEO, but even if just ten percent are, that means 500 dentists are trying to claw their way onto page one of Google. And despite vendor hype they are all using very similar techniques. There is no magic, super secret, mystical, hidden, special, only known to this one person technique that will get you to the top of Google.

And even if you do get there…how long will you stay there with hundreds of others working to push you off the top.

Does that mean you should ignore SEO? Not really, it is good practice to optimize your site. However do not spend a lot over and over again. Getting to page one of Google cannot be guaranteed in any large city.

On the other hand what will pay off is creating a useful site that provides a service to existing patients.

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