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Small Businesses, Stop Worrying About Your Google Ranking

Another good article from American Express Open Forum:

All of the secretive juju that goes into Google rankings creates a great opportunity for unscrupulous marketers to exploit small-business owners with fraudulent products or services. Here are a couple of my favorites:

via Small Businesses, Stop Worrying About Your Google Ranking : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum.

The article says to be wary of any SEO company that will “Guarantee” a first page Google ranking, and I agree. Things change too quickly and the famous algorithm that determines rank has become so complex that no one can truly guarantee anything. Being on the first page of Google is important to a small business but is it worth three or four thousand a month in SEO fees? I am skeptical.

Web use has changed and Google is now much more focused on mobile device use and delivers geographically tailored results. Results are personalized to your social graph based on friends and past habits. Finally the best way to get Google’s attention is to be exceptional. If people are going to and linking to your web page Google thinks that means it is a valuable relevant page and you will be rewarded with a high ranking.

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