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6 Things Google+ Can Do That Facebook Can’t

I have often written that I am in awe of Facebook. That is I am in awe of the amazing growth and appeal of Facebook (600 million users and still growing). However I have also been frustrated with the functionality of Facebook and their tendency to change things wily-nilly with little explanation.

One of my frustrations has been the clumping together of all my friends so that my dental colleagues and my family and my old high school buddies all get the same treatment yet I want to interact and share with those groups in very different ways.

That according to the linked article is one way that Google+ the new social network system from Google differs from Facebook. Right now Google+ is in limited release and I have signed up to give it a try. It will be interesting to see if one Internet Giant can out compete the other Internet Giant. Facebook has a serious first mover advantage.

…considers how we, as social human creatures, already think about our friends. The outcome is cliques, or what Google is calling Circles. In real life, friends come in mini sub-groups, usually based on how we met.

Almost—but not all—of the new and exciting ideas that Google has germinating in Google+ come down to cliques, or friends grouping off into smaller subsets. That’s a radical departure from Facebook, which does have some ability to put friends into different buckets, but not in a way that’s central to the overall experience

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