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8 Reasons to Have a Facebook Fan Page (Part 3)

A Guest blog from Deploy Dental. The opinions expressed are from Deply Dental not Dr. Larry Emmott. However I believe it is valuable for dentists to get various takes on technology issues in order to make good technology choices. This is the third of a three part series on the value of Facebook. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.


6. Engage Current Patients

When someone has become a fan of your page, you have been given the invaluable ability to reach him or her directly.  To keep them engaged and reminded of your presence, it is important to provide them with information they will value such as industry news, interesting articles, patient testimonials, patient information, pictures (but not of clinical dentistry), and videos, as well as occasionally promoting yourself with updates on practice news or current specials/promotions that you’re offering.

7. Personal Connection

One of the most important aspects of gaining and retaining patients is building a personal connection.  When you post things like pictures, videos, or patient testimonials, you begin to build and reinforce this with both your current and prospective patients, perhaps before they even set foot inside your office.  You become more that just a dentist, you become THEIR dentist, who they know and respect.  Furthermore, Facebook gives you the rare opportunity to share more than just your professional side.  Mentioning things such as favorite movies, concerts you’ve seen, your favorite musicians, and sports teams allows patients see you as a person, not just a dentist.

8. Community

Facebook also gives you the chance to become a participant in the local community.  Find other local businesses with which you’ve had great experiences, and that your fans are ‘Liking’, and create some conversation about them.  Facebook is also a great way to connect with other professionals with which you do business.  If you have a favorite dental lab, or specialists like an oral surgeon or periodontist, give them some credit for the good work they’ve done and mention them in a post.  Any recommendation in return may result in new patients.

Editors note: It is quite possible for a dentist to set up a social media program, including Facebook, by him or herself. On the other hand you may find it valuable to use a service to help set it up and maintain it. In addition to Deploy Dental  the following vendors can help with setting up your social media presence.

Sesame Communications: Sesame is my favorite and a sponsor of EOT. They are currently offering 365 days of free Facebook content; just send a request to

DoctorBase: I have not worked directly with these people but we have talked on the phone and I like their approach. They also have a great blog.

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