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The following is an excerpt from the July 6 Antibuzz.  This fits very well with the previous article from Dr. Base and this from last week.

  • You need to be vigilant. Social media is less a soapbox than a place for you to respond to what people say about you – both positive and negative. Thank people for their patronage and offer to help people who are dissatisfied with you. (Tracking down what people say about you is the real work here – and something a lot of businesses are loathe to do because it is a lot less simple than just broadcasting another fistful of spam to your client list).
  • And this is all well and good, but let’s finally address the elephant in the waiting room: You are a dentist and people don’t like dentists. Even if they think you’re the best dentist in the world, they are unlikely to want to publicly declare themselves a “fan.” A lot of the social media advice out there is best suited for businesses that are already a social scene – restaurants, clubs, music venues. Customers go to those places for the personality and a way to interface with that personality online feels only natural. Conversely a lot of people go to the dentist because they feel morally obligated.

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    While I agree that no one will want to be a “fan” of a dentist in the “fan club” sense… there will be people happy to follow a dentist that creates great content and offers through social media. Likely you have seen Mark is the kind of guy that people line up to become fans… The content is that good.

    If a local dentist found a source for great patient content (like Mark’s — or sometimes Larry Emmott’s) and rebroadcast it to their customers, I can’t help but think they would build trust and loyalty. That trust would surely extend to more referrals and case acceptance.


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