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Change? When Facebook Jumps the Shark


According to a recent poll by the Associated Press and CNBC, 46 percent of respondents think Facebook will “fade away as new things come along.” That’s an ominous data point for a company whose IPO dominated the news cycle last week, and claims some 900 million worldwide users.

Facebook seems to be infiltrating every facet of our lives. “Like” buttons appear on every website. “Like us on Facebook!” shouts at us during TV commercials. And more and more apps rely on Facebook to simply log in.

It’s starting to feel more than a little oppressive — it’s like we’re living in a blue-and-white-painted jail cell. And all this IPO madness is just foul icing on the cake.

via 7 Social Networking Apps for When Facebook Jumps the Shark | Gadget Lab |

This mirrors some of my thoughts. As amazing as the Facebook phenomenon is I have yet to see enduring evidence that it will be the revolutionary and economic force that many have predicted. I do believe that Facebook has shown us a totally new way of connecting and communicating using the Internet. I am just not sure Facebook will be the long term vehicle we use to connect online. On the other hand it is hard to argue with 900 million users.

Two issues: People don’t trust Facebook on privacy issues and every time Facebook makes changes to “improve” the experience people like it less.

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