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Changes To Facebook’s Algorithm Have Claimed Their First Casualty

FromĀ  Zero Hedge:

Media companies have been waiting for the other shoe to drop since Facebook announced changes to its all-important newsfeed algorithm that (at least on paper) were designed to stop posts from businesses, brands and media from “crowding out” personalized content.

Now, barely six weeks after the changes were first announced, Facebook’s decision to deprive publishers from a crucial stream of user traffic has claimed its first casualty: A four-year-old publisher called LittleThings.

Source: Changes To Facebook’s Algorithm Have Claimed Their First Casualty | Zero Hedge

Most of the buzz around this Facebook change has been focused on media companies. In fact the linked article is about the demise of a media company called “Little Things” that was forced out of business after Facebook changed how they determine the content a user sees in his/her feed.

However the change also effects small relationship businesses, such as a dental office. Essentially the change means that any post you place on your dental Facebook page will not be seen by your “friends” (or in the case of a business page the people, hopefully patients who have “liked” your page) unless you pay for it to be promoted.

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