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Face time vs. Facebook

From a Chicago Tribune article:

What’s lost in a digital format, he explains, is an irreplaceable need to “be known” through intimate contact via voice inflections, gestures, facial expressions, touch — even silences. To him that kind of communication is as essential to humans as food.

via Face time vs. Facebook – Chicago Tribune.

The article makes the convincing case that face to face human contact is essential to effective communication. As amazing as Facebook and other e-media are they are simply not the same as being there.

Just as a live football game in the stadium is different than watching it on TV which is still different from reading about it. All have value, all convey the facts of the game but each conveys a different essence of the game.

Facebook is OK to keep your name and presence top of mind with a patient but comes nowhere near being as important as our one on one conversations chairside.

Webinars and online shopping are great uses of Internet technology but will not replace actual trade shows and conferences any time soon.

As people, we are not just looking for information we are looking for interaction.

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