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Facebook Changes Again: Everything You Need To Know

As we predicted, Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at the f8 conference in San Francisco Thursday introduced some of the most profound changes seen on Facebook since its inception

The linked Mashable article does a good job of outlining and explaining the major changes to Facebook. I have a couple of personal observations to add.

These continual changes are annoying. When I read about them few seem to be something that will really enhance my Facebook experience. Many seem to be designed to enhance the ability of Facebook to sell me something or sell my personal information to others.

As much as I would like to be an efficient user of Facebook the changes keep me guessing and have made some of the ways I organized my Facebook life unusable.

The announced changes may make the user experience better but I do not see how they will enhace Facebook for small businesses like a dental office.

On the other hand I remain in awe. Facebook now claims 800 million users. Never the less I have yet to see Facebook add great value to a dental office.

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