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Facebook Changes News Feed (Again)

facebook_logoHave you noticed another change in the look of Facebook? Have you been hearing the buzz?

Facebook announced in a press conference last Thursday that it has drastically revamped the all-important News Feed, turning it into a “personalized newspaper” that emphasizes what friends are sharing.

via Facebook Changes News Feed; Implications for Merchants | Practical eCommerce.

The basic changes consist of:

  • Bigger stories and photos in the feed to provide more visual appeal;
  • A new sidebar to navigate different parts of Facebook such as your timeline, groups, apps, and chat;
  • Choice of seven different news feeds, including Music, Photos, All Friends, Games, and Groups, all sortable by users at their discretion — think of these as different sections of a newspaper;
  • Cleaner design that allows for mobile rendering.

The roll-out is happening gradually so you will see smaller changes over time. How this will effect businesses and dentistry is far from clear but there will be changes.

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