Facebook, More than just a movie?

by Larry Emmott on January 16, 2011

in Social Media

Does that fact there has been an award winning movie made about Facebook mean it isn’t just a fad or is in fact proof that it is all pop culture hype?

Does the fact that Goldman Sachs has invested $500M mean it is really really for real or is it even more evidence it is a speculation bubble. Recent financial history being what it is.

The people at DoctorBase linked below are heavily invested in Social Media and they believe strongly that Facebook is real it has value and you need to be exploiting it as part of your dental marketing.

I admit to being in awe of the Facebook phenomenon but am still trying to fit it into my worldview.

But, this investment does mean that Facebook is now valued at around $50B.

via DoctorBase – Online Reviews, Internet Marketing, & Word-of-Mouth Marketing Advice for Dentists & Physicians.

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