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Facebook paints clear portrait of your personality

Researchers at the University of Maryland say they can determine your personailty based on what you tweet. Hmmm. Privacy issues with Facebook are just the tip of what seems to be a very interesting and creepy iceburg.

It turns out you can size up a personality just by looking at a persons Facebook profile…If such predictions prove accurate, employers might have good reason to poke around our Facebook pages to figure out how we would get along with others at the office…

As good as Facebook is in revealing personality, Twitter is even better, Golbeck said…

By analyzing the words people use on Twitter, and the back-and-forth between followers and followees, Golbeck said she can make a good estimate of people’s personality – even better than her recent study of Facebook profiles…

“I can already see it in my students,” she said. “It’s no longer a race to connect to the most people. It’s about sharing important things with a smaller group of people.”

via Facebook paints clear portrait of your personality.

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