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facebook_logoFacebook to publishers: Stop posting clickbait

From Mashable:

If there’s one constant at Facebook it’s that your News Feed will change.The company is once again adjusting the algorithm that powers News Feed. The changes are (again) aimed at reducing the amount of “clickbait” in users’ feeds.

Facebook is using two key factors to define clickbait (emphasis their own):

  1.  if the headline withholds information required to understand what the content of the article is; and
  2. if the headline exaggerates the article to create misleading expectations for the readerLinks from pages that routinely post these types of headlines will be demoted in users’ News Feeds, Facebook said.

Source: Facebook to publishers: Stop posting clickbait

I have succumbed to more “click bait” headlines that I would like to admit. However like most Internet users I am getting more savvy and avoiding the most obvious ones. But I am still waaay to curious to see what lurks behind that enticing headline.

I have avoided using the tactic here at the EOT blog. However in addition to the headline on this article I suppose I could try and use headlines like this:

Try this one weird trick for radiographs that will shock you!

or the best ever

Kim Kardasian shows off her new bikini ready molars!

Actually I think it is good news that Facebook is taking action against “click bait”. On the other hand it demonstrates the constantly changing nature of the Facebook feed.

At one time the feed consisted of the messages your friends and the businesses you “liked” posted.  There wasn’t any money in that so Facebook changed the algorithm. Business posts disappeared unless the business chooses to boost them by paying a fee and advertising posts for companies the user never choose to like began to appear. Hence click bait.

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