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Facebook’s Big Lesson: It Succeeded Because it Worked

facebook-logofacebook_logoFrom PC Magazine:

Lost in all of last week’s coverage of the 10th anniversary of Facebook was analysis of why the social networking site succeeded where most of its predecessors failed. After all, sites such as Friendster and MySpace were popular long before Facebook, and are now afterthoughts, while many other people had similar ideas.

But as I look back at Facebook’s success, particularly in its early days, the thing that strikes me as being most important is that Facebook actually was reliable in an era when many of the competing sites were not.

…More photos are uploaded to Facebook every day than to any other site on the Internet, but you couldn’t upload photos until October 2005. The now-ubiquitous “Like” button didn’t appear until Feb. 9, 2009.

via Facebook’s Big Lesson: It Succeeded Because it Worked.

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