Feedback and Filters are Necessary in Social Media

by Larry Emmott on June 21, 2010

in Social Media

Why do people talk too loud when on a cell phone?The interesting article linked below via Mashable says it is the result of a lack of feedback. It is not nearly enough to be broadcasting our thoughts via social media we need to know how others are receiving us.

Somewhere between empty tweets regarding snack food preferences and a blatant sales pitch on Facebook people stop paying attention. Then they miss what is really important, something that they would actually be interested in.

Personally I am in awe of the social media phenomeneon but I do not believe we ave learned to use it effectively…yet.

[P]eople are not in love with Facebook. They’re in love with the contacts they’re able to maintain with other people via Facebook.”

via Why Feedback and Filters are Necessary in Social Media.

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