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Fighting Negative Online Reviews in the Courts

StressedIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from August.

The fact is, as a consumer I appreciate others’ opinions regarding various service establishments and have made buying decisions based on these reviews. As a professional I acknowledge that some of my colleagues do not deserve public trust and if they can be identified, and the public can be protected from them, that serves both the public and the profession. If the above review is true, the public deserves to know. But what if it is not true?…

…If you are the victim of a false or malicious review can you seek a legal remedy? So far the answer is no, the courts both the legal courts and the court of public opinion have clearly come down on the side of the reviewer and against the dentist. Attempts by dentists to protect themselves with legal intervention have led to disaster.

via Emmott On Technology: The Perils Fighting Negative Online Reviews in the Courts |

Most negative reviews have little to do with actual good clinical dentistry. Most complaints are about being seen on time, and payments.

One negative review surrounded by positive reviews is not a big problem. In fact some research even shows it can be a plus.

The business practices of some review sites can be questioned. On the other hand there is no benefit to trying to sue them. The courts are not sympathetic and anyone who reads about it in the news assumes you must be pretty awful if you have to sue patients not to say bad things about you.

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