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Google Plus for Dentists

 Another online source for info on social media and dentistry. sm4dentists. The linked article here discusses the potential for Google+ and dentistry. But then tells us we can’t use it yet…but when it really starts working it will be great. I agree if it in fact does all we are led to believe it will be great. I have never embraced Facebook, I hope Google+ performs as advertized.

At any rate follow the link for a number of blog entries all about social media.

The most powerful tool in Social Media for Dentists has arrived. By uniting the functionality of the Facebook style stream, the Twitter style update, the Foursquare Check-In, the Flickr photo video curation, the contact collection that is in your gmail contact list, and the power of multiple best in class Google properties from Youtube to Maps, Google+ is a legitimate titan in the making.

Its NOT yet Ready! How ever you can register to get it.

via Google Plus for Dentists — Internet Dental Marketing to grow dental practice.

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