Social Media

Having and Using

From DoctorBase

What we found is that around 25% of the doctors had a social media profile for themselves or their practice. This is certainly lower than one would expect when you consider that these profiles can be created & used for free. However, the truly alarming statistic is that close to 85% of these doctors simply don’t use these profiles on a regular basis.

via DoctorBase – Online Reviews, Internet Marketing, & Word-of-Mouth Marketing Advice for Dentists & Physicians.

They make the point that in order for social media to be effective you have to use it. Of course that starts with having a profile but that alone is not nearly enough. You have to participate online. It is a bit like joining a service club.

Traditionally professionals have used service clubs like Lions or Kiwanis as a networking and practice building tool. However, as you know, simply joining Kiwanis does not bring in new patients. If you participate, volunteer, interact and become a leader then a service club can be a great practice builder.

Social media is the same. Joining, that is establishing a profile, is just the first step. To be effective you must participate.

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