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Is Twitter coming to an end?

twitter_logoFrom Daily Mail:

The once invincible Twitter doesn’t want to face up to the truth. It’s not just teens and hipsters who are fed up with tweeting. So are middle-class, middle-aged folk who, five years ago, were constantly checking their Twitter feeds during dinner parties.

Why? The novelty has worn off, as you’d expect. Also, Twitter is becoming seriously annoying. For lots of reasons.

Although Twitter is no longer cool, it’s infested with people who think they are.

via Is the infantile obsession with Twitter coming to an end? by DAMIAN THOMPSON | Daily Mail Online.

This s an interesting review of both the financial and social factors that are threatening twitter. Personally I tried to become a twitter fan but never found it engaging. Obviously many others do (or did) find it engaging. However I have never found a practice that had a consistent benefit from twitter.

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