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Social media and your professional reputation

Some good advice from Rita Zamora at Dr. Bicuspid:

Note the difference between the words “personable” and “personal.” You don’t have to reveal your private personal life to be successful in social media professionally…

Another important reason to have a robust online presence is for reputation protection. Whether you want an online reputation or not, you will have one. In fact, you have an online reputation already — just Google yourself and see what the story tells. Maybe you don’t have a story yet? As a public health professional, you will at some point. If you don’t take control and lead your online presence, in time the public will.

via Dental Practice Management.

Rita’s advice centers on Facebook and social media. That is important but I believe, right now Google + and your personal web page are more important. A patient will seek information about you from several sources including your bio, online reviews and social media.

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