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The Only Rule For Social Media You Need to Know

Start Small

The article linked below is a good companion to this and this. The main point is that hype about social media and Facebook has caused many business people, even people at very large well run businesses, to get a little kooky. There is a feeling of urgency. You have to have a social media presence or you will be missing out on the opportunity of the century.

Since creating a Facebook page or a Twitter feed is free there is this myth that social media doesn’t cost anything.Again the author makes the point that it does cost quite a bit in time. People are already stretched and adding social media to there responsibilities often just creates confusion.

Does that mean social media is useless. No. But it does mean it should be approached with deliberation. Read the whole article for some good tips. However the best tip is in the title…Start Small.

If you do a good job of engaging people in conversations in social media, it can work really well, sometimes amazingly well. If you don’t, and this is important, you are much better off to not be in social media at all.

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