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Yelp Adds Mobile Reviews

yelp-logoFrom Mashable:

…there is a new Yelp mobile app, available today on iOS, with Android compatibility to follow, which allows users to post Yelp reviews straight from their mobile phone. This means that, instead of having to wait to get back to their computer in order to write a review, people could write a review for a business while still on its premises or immediately upon leaving.

via Yelp Adds Mobile Reviews.

This should be a plus for dentists. Asking a satisfied patient to go home and write a review is always problematical. However having them do so right in the office assures it gets done.

Set a goal that the team will get one patient a week to write a review before they leave. The best time to ask is after you have received a compliment. Tell the patient how much you appreciate their kind words and would they be willing to say the same thing on Yelp? If so be sure the team members know how the Yelp mobile system works as you may have to help some people use it as it is so new many users probably have no experience with it.

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