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Your Brain Can’t Handle Facebook

The link below is to an interesting take on the new Internet culture and social media. If you have a Facebook “friend” is that person really …you know…a friend? The article points out how, as humans, we can only process a limited number of friends.

What is doesn’t discuss is the next level of relationships. What about clients or patients? Most dentists have thousands of patients in our practices and we have an ongoing relationship with them. The doctor-patient relationship is not exactly that of friends but it is a lot more than a casual acquaintance.

I am still working to find how to use social media in an effective way to nuture those people who are business friends and use it in a different manner to interact with more intimate friends and family.

Ever heard of Dunbar’s Number? According to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, it’s the cognitive limit to the number of people you can be friends with. The number is 150, meaning your brain can only handle that many friends, and — shockingly enough — it also applies to Facebook.

via Your Brain Can’t Handle Your Facebook Friends.

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