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Tablets Drive More Web Traffic than Smartphones

responsive1From Sesame Communications:

Adobe’s data suggests tablet use patterns make it a more likely PC replacement than the smartphone. For example, when people browse the web via a tablet, they visit 70% more web pages per visit than when they use a smartphone. This means that even though there are substantially more smartphones than tablets in the world, it is the latter that drives more website traffic.

This makes perfect sense to me. A smart phone is an amazing on the go resource but not a great web browser. On the other hand my iPad is much easier to use as a web browser. I can see fuller more robust pages and of course the larger screen is easier to see.

For dentists: make sure your web pages are optimized for phones and for tablets. There is a difference, and a smart web site can tell from what device it is being viewed and display itself accordingly.

Phone users probably want just a phone number and directions to the office. Tablet users may want more options including filling in forms.

BTW, We are using an iPad at my office for patient forms and it is working well.

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