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Telemedicine predicted to reach 45.6 Million

Whether that means obtaining a prescription from your couch orĀ chatting with a therapistĀ for 10 minutes at the office, video chat visits are becoming increasingly common: By 2020 there could be an estimated 45.6 million virtual consultations performed in the U.S., according to data and analysis company IHS Markit.

Source: 4 Ways Going to the Doctor Is Radically Changing | Wealthy Doctor

Video chats are one of four ways “going to the doctor” is predicted to change in the linked article.

However Telemedicine will include far more than a video chat. Amazing new digital diagnostics like lab on a chip or smart phone ultra sonics will allow health care professionals to evaluate real time and diagnose from afar.

We are using telemedicine consults for sleep patients. The patient comes to the office, we gather basic diagnostic information and scan the impression. Then the patient sits down for a tele conference with the sleep clinic for the actual medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

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