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The 8 Advantages of Cloud Computing

CloudDriveIn case you missed it, This Dentalcompare article is from May:

Various dental software developers have been nibbling at the edge of SAS cloud computing for dentists since as far back as 1999. They have been nibbling but have failed to achieve much traction in the dental practice management system world. At this time Curve Dental and Planet DDS are the principal companies offering cloud computing for dentists.

But, Henry Schein Practice Solutions, the makers of Dentrix, announced a new cloud based practice management system called Dentrix Ascend at the 2013 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Dentrix Ascend is still in beta development and is expected to be released for general use before the end of the year.

Whatever you call it and whoever is selling it, why bother? What makes having the application running in the cloud better than having it on the server in your closet? Here are eight advantages to cloud computing.

via Emmott On Technology: The 8 Advantages of Cloud Computing |

Cloud computing can be confusing because the term is used to mean several different things. This article gives three common definitions and discusses the advantages of cloud systems.  Despite all the advantages of the cloud there are some real privacy issues (along with some not real issues). News stories sensationalizing hacker attacks on big companies like Sony, and government spying using the NSA certainly make the cloud seem risky.

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