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The Future of Lab Communications

futureIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from August.

If you have ever bought an airline ticket online or purchased a book from Amazon you have a good idea of what dental lab communications of the future will be like. It won’t be printed forms, scribbled notes and plastic baggies; it will be an Internet connection..

At the point in the procedure when in the past you reached for the printed lab slip, you will instead log on to the dental lab website. As you log on the system will recognize you and automatically know all the basic details about your practice such as address, account number and phone number. In addition, it will know your preferences as to materials, design and technicians.

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The rapid development of digital impression systems will make digital lab communications even faster and better. It will be like snail mail compared to e-mail.

One of the biggest obstacles to universal digital lab communications will be proprietary systems. When you take a traditional PVS impression you can send it to any lab in the world using whatever delivery system you choose.

With certain digital systems like CEREC you can only use their network and their designated labs. Closed systems that keep dentists prisoner are great for the vendors but not so great for the dentist. When you are shopping for a digital impression system be sure to let the salesperson or better yet the product manager know that open interoperability is an important element that will affect your buying decision. Until we as a profession demand open systems vendors will keep us locked in their private walled garden.

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