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The Good & Bad and the Ugly

The DoctorBase article linked below has some good research and some good advice on what patients look at online.

When it comes to patients’ online research of doctors, viewing before & after pictures is not a high priority. Patients are far more likely to view your education & your credentials before checking out your before & after gallery.

via The Good & Bad of Before & Afters… :.

This corroborates earlier research from Sesame Communications. As much as we love to show off our dentistry the patients aren’t really interested. And we forget that retracted images like the sample shown here are normal to us but “gross and icky” to patients. Sesame found that the number one thing patients look at on a dental web page is information about the dentist. The second thing is about the staff.

Patients are more interested in you as a person than they are your dental work. The exception to this general rule are patients searching specifically for cosmetic dentistry. Those people do tend to look more at before & after images. So before and after has some value. If possible keep the smiles natural no retracted lips. Do not put the before & afters on the landing page but make them easy to find for potential cosmetic patients.

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