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The Google Tax

More wisdom from Seth Godin:

Because Google has made it ever more difficult for sites to be found, previously successful businesses like Groupon, Travelocity and Hipmunk suffer. As a result, new web companies are significantly harder to fund and build. If you’re dependent on being found in a Google search, it’s probably worth rethinking your plan.

Source: The Google tax | Seth’s Blog

As always with Godin click through and read the whole thing.

For some time I have been of the opinion that SEO for dental web pages was of very limited value. SEM, that is buying your way to the top of a search with Adwords and such can be effective but it is a constantly moving target that can become very costly in any large market.

The two best things a dentist can do to improve his/her web presence is to claim and maintain Google my Business for both the practice name and the dentist’s name and to establish basic SEO for the doctor’s name. Do not waste time and money on SEO for keywords such as “dentist”.