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The Information Revolution Is on Its Way

An interesting look at the information revolution by futurist smart guy Walter Russell Mead.

A piece in the Financial Times spotlights one of the most important of these changes: the growth of cloud computing. Disproving the naysayers who claim that tech innovation is dead,…What’s interesting is how many of these new products and services involve healthcare

via The Information Revolution Is on Its Way | Via Meadia.

Mead makes several points with which I agree and which will affect the future of dentistry. All the current media hype centers around social media, Facebook and Twitter. These are an amazing social phenomenon but will they change the world in the manner that automobiles changed the last century? I am not quite as dismissive of Social media as Mead, I believe it represents a significant change in human interactions; it is just clothed in what often seem trivial.

Beyond that Mead looks to “cloud computing” as a world changing technology and especially how it will effect health care. I agree. Here is what I wrote last century in 1998 before the term “cloud computing” was invented.

The Internet will have a more profound effect on the world we live in than any technological advance of the last century. More than cars, planes, electronics, telecommunications and all the rest. It will affect our lives in ways we cannot yet even imagine.

The collection, storage, sharing and analysis of massive amounts of data will improve the human condition.

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