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The Internet of Things Has Arrived (From CES)

Report from CES on Wired:

the Internet of Things (IoT) does represent a revolution happening right now. Companies of all kinds – not just technology and telecommunications firms – are linking “things” as diverse as smartphones, cars and household appliances to industrial-strength sensors, each other and the internet.

via The Internet of Things Has Arrived — And So Have Massive Security Issues | Wired Opinion |

A very interesting article with direct implications for dentistry. The idea of an Internet of things (Iot) follows the concepts of interrelated digital sensors and the accumulation of “Big Data” to find hidden clues to create personalized medicine and ultimately improve the human condition.

However as Wired points out this also opens huge security issues that so far have not been thought out.

In some ways it relates directly to my issue of “Who Owns the Data?”

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