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Third-party connections prompt more privacy concerns about ObamaCare site

SAccording to the linked article it is possible for third parties to gather personal information off the Obamacare website.

When you apply for coverage on, dozens of data companies may be able to tell that you are on the site. Some can even glean details such as your age, income, ZIP code, whether you smoke or if you are pregnant.

The data firms have embedded connections on the government site. Ever-evolving technology allows for individual Internet users to be tracked, building profiles that are a vital tool for advertisers…

…a recent visit to the site, AP found that certain personal details — including age, income, and whether you smoke — were being passed along likely without your knowledge to advertising and Web analytics sites.

via Third-party connections prompt more privacy concerns about ObamaCare site | Fox News.

The wonderful features of digital data that make it so useful, that is easy to gather, copy, transfer and analyze also make it easy for others to abuse.

Can you trust Uncle Sam to keep your secrets? Continued high profile data breaches and revelations of agencies using data to persecute individuals and groups make it easy to be skeptical.

I do believe EHR and big data analysis of medical data has the potential to significantly improve the human condition. On the other hand I do not believe it is possible to keep the data private. The only way to assure the world does not know your age, weight, medications and smoking habits is to never put it online.

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