This Is Why You Always Pay Your Web Designer

The linked Mashable article is amusing in a sort of cosmic justice triumphs sort of way. But more significantly it points out some important things to keep in mind when working with a web site designer.

Who owns the domain name? That is the URL or name of the web site like It should be registered in your name, however sometimes web developers will register it in their name. That means if they go under or you wish to change vendors you might be in trouble.

If you are not sure you can check the ownership of any domain name using a web service called whois. You can access this from Go Daddy (or any web hosting service). On the home page type in your domain and click go. If it is your domain the next page will show that it is already taken. To check the ownership press the tiny (Get info) enter the anti bot code and wallah. The next page will show who actually owns the domain. It will also show when it expires.

BTW I just did this for my William Jones DDS example and …that domain is available! So if you are a dentist with the amazing common name of Bill Jones …get on it.

One last thought. You can and probably should own more than one domain and have them all point back to your main practice site. For help with domains and everything web I recommend TNT Dental.

The cattier corners of the web have been tittering over a certain chiropractor’s website gone awry, courtesy of a disgruntled and allegedly unpaid web designer.

via This Is Why You Always Pay Your Web Designer.

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