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Three Types of Dental Websites

Most dentist, about 70% at last count, have a practice web site. However very few are using their site effectively. Dynamic content with patient interaction is far superior to the typical site which is often little more than an electronic brochure. As I see it there are three levels to dental office web site participation.

1: Barely There. This is the electronic brochure style. It is based on a template has no patient interaction and is probably out of date.

2: SEO Centric. These are site with a bit of pizzazz but it is all focused on new patients. Getting to the top of a search engine like Google is a constant and expensive battle.

3: Patient Centric. These are sights that encourage patient interaction and are focused as much on providing service to existing patients as they are on attracting new patients. This is where I believe web sites have the most value.

My favorite dental web sites vendor is TNT.

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