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ToothIQ Pro | Dental Animations on your website

Follow the link below for some great samples of the ToothIQ videos you can link to your website. I am a huge fan of web based services and Tooth IQ is one of the best.

Having a practice web site is becoming essential, however just having a site is not nearly enough to get value from your technology investment. A web site has no value if no one ever views it. You must provide compelling content that will make patients want to visit your site and will give them a good reason to refer others to your site. The ToothIQ educational animations are a great tool to add value and as a result add web viewers.

Another powerful method to promote and enhance your practice is to use the animations in the office, but do not use them from ToothIQ directly but use them from the practice site. When the hygienist brings up your personal web site to show a prevention animation she/he can point out it is your practice site, encourage the patient to use it in the future and to use the site to refer new patients in the future.

20-dental-animation-image-hard-tissue-crown-lengtheningEnhance your websiteYou invested in a website. Now add compelling content that helps keep your patients there.Make your website your educational resourceEducate your patients directly from your website — in your office or their home. When used in your office, the full-screen option makes it easy for your patients to view the animations from a dental chair.

via ToothIQ Pro | Dental Animations on your website.

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