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Top Five Pages

Research from Sesame Communications finds that the top five web pages viewed on a dental web site are:

  1. Home (index) page (37.7% of all page views)
  2.  “Meet the doctor” (9.35%),
  3. “Meet the team” (6.94%),
  4. Contact information (5.87%) 
  5. First visit / office policy (5.02%).

These five pages accounty for almost 65% of total page views. If you study the top five pages viewed it shows us what matters to potential new patients. And what matters now in the digital age is what has always mattered. That is people and relationships. The top items patient want to know about are meeting the team and the doctor. Next they want to know where the office is, how to get there, what will happen at and how they can pay for the first visit

Building an effective web site follows the true and tested rules of dentistry – it is all about the patients. Feature the information and content they want, make the site easy for them to navigate, and most importantly be personable and warm.

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