Top Internet populations by country

From Next Big Future:

Internet live stats has the online Internet population by country projected to the end of 2016

  • China 721 million 52% penetration 2.2% annual growth
  • India 462 million 35% penetration 30% growth
  • USA 287 million 89% penetration 1.1% growth
  • Brazil 139 million 66% penetration 5% growth

Source: Next Big Future: Top Internet populations by country

I think there are two items of interest in the above stats.

Essentially everybody in the US is online. I still have the occasional dentist tell me he/she does not need to use the Internet as his/her patients are not online or his/her state or region does not use the Internet. I have news for them…yes they do.

The big growth areas for the Internet are developing countries like India and China. This corresponds to rapid increases in literacy in these countries.

These changes will mean more and better care in developing countries as information in the form of dental education will travel faster and freer. It also means more possibilities for Teledentistry.

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