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Online Cloud Storage Services for Free Backup

I have long been a fan of online back up. It is a much more reliable method than the old run a tape at night option most dental office have been using. The biggest issue has been cost. If you are storing great gobs of gigabytes then online was pricey compared with tapes. The Lifehacker article linked below makes a case for using multiple free storage options. He suggests storing different types of files on different servers for organization and even security. This option has some issues; like keeping track of all the different files, however it also has one great advantage…it’s free!

Unfortunately for us dentists Lifehacker’s plan isn’t resally viable. We do need redundant off site storage and back up. However we also need it to be HIIPA compliant. Do not dispair, there are dental companies like Henry Schein Practice Solutions that offer limited ( up to 5GB) free online back up. Check it out.

BTW 5GB is huge and is enough storage for most dental office records. If you also need to back up a lot of image files, that is radiographs, photos or even video then you will need more storage space. If you do it is available at a competitive rate.

…use them all to create an organized online backup system that’s completely free.

via: Lifehacker