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Using live chat to improve your dental practice

A Guest blog from Kontak. The opinions expressed are from Kontak not Dr. Larry Emmott. However I believe it is valuable for dentists to get various takes on technology issues in order to make good technology choices.


At Kontak, our business is to develop new technologies that will increase the effectiveness of websites.  While not exactly new, we’ve developed an app that has a proven track record in other fields of expertise, and especially with e-commerce. When adapted and used by dentists, we have seen this technology help connect patients with dentists. What is this app? Live Chat.

What it Is

You have probably visited a website where a pop-up window appears and asks if you have questions or need help. That is Live Chat. When you type your question into the pop-up window, there is an immediate response. The ensuing conversation with the live chat specialist can answer specific questions you might have: how to schedule an appointment, how you receive payment, what services you offer, and so on. Live chat will not give advice on medical issues, try to diagnose dental problems, or suggest treatments.

What are the Benefits of Live Chat?

We think there is a whole generation of people who would prefer to search online or text for answers rather than pick up a phone and call. Live chat fits right into this communication model. And it works especially well because it is available 24/7. A trained chat specialist is always on duty, so even if you need to search for a dentist at midnight, you will find a live person available to answer your questions.

In addition to 24/7 accessibility, behind-the-scenes technology associated with live chat can collect the prospective patient’s contact information and the reason for their search, and immediately forward it to the dentist so they can respond as soon as the office opens. A chat service can also record the conversation and supply a transcript to the website manager.

Along with connecting website visitors to the office, live chat service can provide website analytics to monitor the effectiveness of web marketing.

New Kid on the Block

At Kontak, we understand that in order to be effective, a business needs to change with the times. Having a live chat service embedded on your website is a proven method of engagement that leads to conversion. Kontak offers a risk-free trial period. Check it out and see if you should be using live chat to improve your dental practice. This technology just may become the new receptionist on your website.