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What Dental Webmasters Need to Know

…know what Internet users want – speed and ease. Ensure your website loads quickly and keep pages as close to the homepage as possible. Don’t make the users have to click more than three or four times to get to their desired destination. It’s also important to avoid publishing duplicate content.This includes copying content from another website or using the same article on your website twice.

via What Search Engines Really Want Webmasters to Know.

As a general rule I believe SEO is over hyped and has limited value for dental websites. Never the less the linked article from Dr. Leonardo has some good points regarding content and ease of use. Speed, content and ease of use are not good features simply because search bots might like them, they are good because actual people…you know…patients like them.

Remember nobody really knows the secret sauce Google uses to rank web pages. Most Google engineers do not know. The people who sell SEO services can make some good guesses but no one can guarantee you the first page of a Google search.

Most potential new patients (60% -70%) start with a referral and will search you by name. Most of your SEO efforts should be designed to optimize the site to your name or practice name not to a generic keyword like dentist.

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