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From the American Express Open Forum:

How you present yourself aesthetically in the business world is as important as a solid business plan is. Its crucial for companies to have a Web presence, whether its a simple landing page, a blog or social media profiles.

via Typography 101: What Small Business Owners Need to Know : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum.

The primary point of the article is that customers (in our case patients) will judge your competence and professionalism by your web page. And not just the content, but the look, feel and appearance of the web page.  The article makes the point that even your choice of font will influence how peo0ple perceive your practice.

I agree. That is one of the big reasons I have long been a fan of TNT Dental. They develop each web page based on the image and practice goals, branding if you will, of each individual practice. They do not use common templates that look like every other dental web page. Look here for samples of TNT designs.

If you have not updated your web page in years or if you are using an old basic template page you may be doing yourself more harm than good.

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