Web Prep Checklist

What you need to plan and develop a killer web page. From TNT Dental


Domain Name/URL

Your website development company may do this for you.

§  Choose a domain name

§  Purchase the name and get logins

§  Decide what you want your email addresses to be



Explore all kinds of websites, not just dental, and note your favorites.

§  Choose about five websites that appeal to you visually

§  Choose colors for your design and text

§  Get a good digital copy of your logo

§  Consider the types of photos you want on your site (age, race, gender, etc.)


Text/Written Content

Think about what sets your practice apart from others in your area. What do patients say and like about your office?

§  Consider your target market and what will appeal to them

§  Consider which procedures, services, products, and technology you wish to highlight

§  Gather your curriculum vitae and staff bios

§  Consider what page titles you want for your navigation (Home, About, etc.)

§  Gather testimonials, if permitted in your state

§  Consider websites you’d like to link from your site (products, associations, etc.)

§  If your location has special parking, transportation, or map issues, note them.



Digital photos and forms are preferred for optimal quality.

§  Gather doctor and team photos (individual or group)

§  Gather photos of your practice, interior and exterior

§  Gather clinical before-and-after photos with case descriptions

§  Gather pt registration, HIPPA, and health history forms

§  Gather post-op procedure forms

§  Request permission from manufacturers for product/technology photo use


Features to Consider

Many extra features are available to enhance a website’s usability, marketing success, and interactivity. These are optional.

§  Search Engine Optimization

§  Support

§  Hosting

§  Call Tracking

§  Special Offers for Patients

§  Ask the Doctor

§  Patient Survey

§  Interactive Forms

§  Blog/Newsletter/News & Press

§  Videos, Audios


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