Web Services, Smile Reminders

Web services are online solutions that allow the user to simplify the process of information or data exchange and improve efficiency and patient service. The most effective web services interact with your local computer system using the data you collect on patients (as a byproduct of providing dental care) to provide a service.

A great example of this is Smile Reminder. Smile Reminder is a web service that automatically logs into your practice computer system every day. The Smile Reminder system then gathers the information on all patients with an appointment and generates a reminder to each patient in the form of a text message or e-mail.

Smile Reminder can be completely customized for each office. The user can determine who gets a message, what the message says and when the message is sent. This system saves time and money. However, to use it, the dental office needs to have an always on Internet connection and be using an electronic appointment book.