Web Traffic vs New Patients

by Larry Emmott on June 24, 2011

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How do you measure the success of your practice web page?

A better first question would be; what is the purpose of your practice web page?

Many dentists and the web page developers who serve dentists assume the only purpose of a web page is to attract new patients. That is certainly important but it misses out on an equally important purpose and that is to support existing patients.

Let’s start with purpose one, to attract new patients. The first step here is to get eyeballs to the site. That means SEO (search engine optimization) to get a good position on Google. Position your practice on Google Places and other social media as well as traditional marketing, including word of mouth to inform people that you exist and to check you out online.

You can measure the success of these efforts by tracking how many unique visitors you have to the site each month. There are many web analytic tools that can track this for you. You can even drill down into the data to see where they are coming from and what pages they view. This is important but it still does not measure actual new patients.

How many of those web site visitors actually make an appointment? This is called conversion. That is you convert a casual web surfer to an actual patient. Conversion rates are usually dismal. That is three to five percent of visitors actually make an appointment. In other words 95% to 97% just visit but take no action.

If you just measure visitors and your web site goes from ten visitors to 1000 visitors a month you can show a clear and dramatic improvement. However that does not necessarily mean increased revenue. It does not advance the practice a whole lot if 1000 people visit the web site but only one becomes a patient. A more useful measurement of success would not just be unique visitors but conversions. If your conversion rate is 5% and improvements in web design, navigation and content improves that to 15% you have a very measurable improvement in effectiveness that translates into actual money and a positive ROI on your web site investment.

The DoctorBase article linked below has a lot more detail. For help with both effective web site design and SEO visit TNT Dental.

The focus of a good web presence shouldn’t simply be traffic – it should be conversions.

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