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You do not need to design and create all the features of a dental web site? You can and should offload those functions using e-services.

For example if you tried to build a practice web site that allowed patients to check their appointment time on your own, it would be an ambitious expensive task with limited functionality. However if you are a Dentrix user there is an e-service plug in that allows you to provide that online service to patients at a low monthly fee.

Sesame Communications provides additional premade website funtionality you can add to your site, such as online payments, communication management and image sharing.

Bottom line, do not spend a ton of money having your web site designer create advanced funtionality for your site such as bill payments or appointment look up as many of those funtions have already been created and you can use them for a small fee.

For help with offloading and everything web I recommend TNT Dental.

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